Sell your storage unit

Have you got items in storage that you want to sell? Whether they’re already in a self storage unit in the UK or just at home getting in the way, here at Storage Bidder we make buying and selling in bulk easy.

From time to time we all come across a curve ball that life throws are way. Be it a new job on the other side of the world, a house clearance, a business closure or even a recent separation, sometimes we just need to sell our stuff fast and in a hassle free way as possible.

Well, here at Storage Bidder we are most certain we can help you turn your trash into cash and fast. Maybe you want to clear out your storage unit and have a limited time to do so? Perhaps your storage unit provider is on your case for rent that you just don’t want to pay anymore or even can’t pay… we can help you sell your stuff fast.

Sell through our unique storage auctions and you needn’t feel the pain of the Sunday morning rain whilst you stand in a cold, wet field at your local car boot sale or spend the next 6 months of your life photographing and listing your items online before having to spend the next 6 months dealing with all the time wasters who don’t pay and even if they do pay, you still have to wrap it all up and send it out for delivery, many times to find out it’s ‘not as described’ or worse!

If you’re like the majority of us in the modern world you haven’t got the time nor inclination for all that messing around. You’d rather save your valuable time for things more enjoyable like family life, sports or even the pub!

So, if this sounds like you and you’d like to sell your stuff quick then contact us here at Storage Bidder to find out more. We make buying and selling in bulk easy!

UK storage auctions

No doubt you’ve seen the popular storage auction TV shows such as Storage War’s where buyers turn up on the day and bid for abandoned self storage units at auction.

Well, here at Storage Bidder that’s just what we do! We have the UK’s leading storage unit auctioneers on our books and travel the length and breadth of the country performing our unique storage auctions at storage companies far and wide.

How does it work you ask? Well, once one of our partner storage companies notifies us of one or more storage units up for auction we arrange a date to hopefully coincide with a number of other available units in the local area and hot foot it down there usually at a weekend to ensure our auction bidders can make it. Once we’re on site the storage auctions work pretty much like you’ve seen on TV. We cut the locks, allow you as a buyer a short time to view the unit… but not touch! Then we go under the hammer!!!

The storage auctions bids usually start from as little as £10 or £20 but of course could escalate quickly depending on what is stored in the unit. And just like you’ve seen on the TV shows, the highest bidder gets it!

As the winning bidder it is your responsibility to empty and clean your unit within a given time frame set by the storage company (usually within 48 hours) but remember, you bid to buy and not to cherry pick! At storage auctions you are bidding on the entire contents of the unit and not just the bits you want… it’s all or nothing!

Buying at our self storage auctions is by invite only but as we get busier and busier with more and more units available we are opening up our buyers list to more and more each week and all around the UK so if you’re interested in buying at storage auctions then register your interest here or download the app and if we are looking for more buyers in your area we’ll be in touch.

Get going, going, gone to a storage auction near you today!