All auctions are held online via our LIVE bidding app. However, on occasion we are also on site at locations across the UK. Please check the specific auction details for further information.

The auctions are held on our live bidding app. You can join in via your desktop or smart device and download the app for free.

Some of our selling partners will offer viewing prior to the auction but please check the specific auction details under Upcoming Events. If a seller does not offer viewing in person and you are not satisfied with the photos and/or description then we’d advise you not to bid.

No, under any circumstances. There are no warranties or guarantees offered or implied. All items are sold as seen. Please assume that all items may be broken and/or damaged unless otherwise stated. No items are tested whatsoever. Please do not bid unless you are satisfied to this affect.

Nothing., it’s FREE to register and watch/view the auctions.

Each item or lot carries a buyers premium of 20% of the final hammer price plus an online surcharge of 5%. For example, if an item sells for £150 then the buyers premium would be £30 plus an online surcharge of £7.50 so your final item price would work out as £187.50.

If you are the successful bidder the auction seller will be in touch to arrange payment and collection or delivery. No items will be released until cleared funds are received.

Please take photographic ID with you. Also, you might consider another pair of hands, a van or trailer, a trolley, some boxes, sheets, bin bags and a brush and shovel.

No. You must empty and remove from site the entire contents of the unit. All units are sold as one job lot. It’s all or nothing.

The storage facility might ask for a holding deposit when you arrive to collect. This is perfectly normal and usually approximately £100. When they are satisfied that you have emptied the unit and left it clean they will refund your holding deposit in full on the day.

You may be able to pay by cash on collection but please check the unit description to see what forms of payment the Storage House accept prior to collection.

Check specific auction terms & conditions. These can be found under Upcoming Auctions and usually displayed as ‘Lot 1’ in the auction catalogue.

No, all items are to be assumed damaged and/or broken for spares or repairs.

No it doesn’t sadly! It might be or it might not. We all keep boxes and reuse them so don’t assume anything is in any of the boxes.

If you are the successful bidder then all units must be paid for with no exceptions. Once paid for, your unit could be re-entered into the following sale if terms can be agreed with the storage facility. Buyers who do not pay for a unit are banned from all future auctions.

This is to ensure you are a serious bidder with intentions to pay for your purchases. All cards are pre-authorised by £200 at the registration stage but no monies are taken however. It’s just like when you check in at the hotel and the reception desk ask for your card details!


It is FREE to sell at auction with us. Our unique business model means we partner with auction sellers to allow them to hold their own auctions.

It’s simple, if you partner with us as an auction seller we split the auction charges. You as the seller get the sellers commission (so you sell your own items entirely for FREE) and we get the buyers premium (the fee added to each sold lot that the buyer pays).

You can enter as many items as you like into an auction but depending on the value of your items we may ask for a minimum of 100 items in order to hold a sale specifically on your behalf. Otherwise, we may enter your items into a collective auction sale.

We sell all sorts at auction and can cater for most types of sales from vintage and collectibles to cars and boats, household items and catalogue returns, arts and antiques… you name it we can sell it for you. Get in touch to find out how we can help you sell in your own auctions.

Simply get in touch via our Contact or Sellers page and tell us what you have to sell and we’ll work with you to make it happen!

No, there is nothing to pay up front.

As an auction seller it is up to you to arrange payment and collection or delivery with your buyers.


No, all auctions are held online via our LIVE bidding app.

No, just the buyer(s) will turn up to collect once the unit is paid for.

No, your unit photo’s will do the talking so be as precise with them as you can.

Get at least a few decent photo’s from the front elevation so that the unit fills the camera screen. Then take some photo’s of individual areas and any stand out items. Make sure there is enough lighting or that the flash on the camera is on.

No you don’t but it’s entirely up to you. You do not need to but sometimes you can get a better idea of the contents.

As a minimum include the unit size, the first part of your unit locations postcode (eg. BD2) and any special terms you wish to relay to the buyer (eg. a holding fee of £100 is payable upon collection and refunded when we are satisfied the unit is emptied).  Also, you could include a brief list of what you see in the unit (but not essential).

Don’t forget to include what forms of payment you accept, eg. Cash, card, etc.

No (unless you want it to be). We will include your unit title, description and the first part of your postcode for location purposes.

The buyer will pay you directly upon collection. It’s up to you what forms of payment you accept but you must include these in your unit descriptions.

If you submit 3 or more units at any one time and location you’ll get absolutely FREE commission and pay nothing! If you submit less than 3 units (eg, 1 or 2) our introductory offer rates are 5% commission of the final hammer price of the unit with a minimum of £5 per unit. This fee is added to the winning bidders buyers premium so you don’t have to worry about when and how you’re paying it.

For example, if your unit sells for £220 the commission would be £11 so the winning bidder would pay you £209 on collection. If a unit sells for £90 the commission would be the minimum £5 so the winning bidder would pay you £85 on collection.

Yes, you take payment from the buyer when they get to site. It’s up to you what forms of payment you accept but make sure to make it clear in your unit listing details.

Up to 7 days from the close of the auction in which the unit was purchased.

You can add as many as you wish. 3 or more at any one time and location entitles you to FREE commission!

As a rule, we do not place reserves on unit auctions. If you feel your unit should have a reserve price then please contact us or leave a note in the comments section of the entry form and we will get back to you.

If your unit does not get a bid we will re-enter it into the following auction at no extra cost. There is nothing to pay if your unit does not sell.

Absolutely, and we would encourage you to do so. If you find your unit(s) on our auction site you will see a share button to do just that.

Personal items should be kept to one side. If you are able to do so prior to auction, remove any photos, certificates, paperwork, hard drives, etc. We also ask buyers to hand any personal items into your reception at the time of removal. Please also remind any buyers to do so when they turn up on site too. If you are able to do so, please forward any personal items onto the original unit renter.

Yes, sometimes a renter might settle their outstanding bill prior to an auction so you can cancel an auction anytime up to 24 hours prior to the sale.

Yes, there is an administration fee of £5 per cancelled unit to pay.

No, the buyer must empty the entire contents of the unit and leave it clean.

The auctions are live online on a Saturday currently. Each unit might take up to 2 or 3 minutes to sell.


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Yes, of course you can. It’s totally free to watch and join in on the fun!