Storage Auctions

Self Storage Auctions.. what’s the deal?

Well, it’s certainly no big secret that self storage is a BIG DEAL now in the UK!

With ever increasing belongings and ever decreasing space we’ll all probably need it at some point during our hectic modern lives. There are thousands of self storage businesses in every corner of the UK in all our towns and cities and more opening up each week.

Here at Storage Bidder we buy and sell storage units at locations throughout the UK. We help those that no longer want to store their belongings by moving them on to buyers that do. We bring self storage buyers what they want.. genuine self storage units up for auction.

The team at Storage Bidder have over 25 years experience of the auction trade and the best auctioneers in the business. So, whether you’re a self storage business owner looking to schedule a self storage auction, a seller wishing to sell your storage unit or a potential buyer wishing to bid on self storage units up for auction, you’ve come to the right place in Storage Bidder!