Storage Company Owners

Are you a Self Storage Company with units to sell?

Are you a Self Storage business owner looking to arrange a self storage auction due to non paying renters? Sell off your unpaid units with Storage Bidder. We hold self storage auctions in and around the UK each week and help self storage company owners like you to clear those unpaid units into empty ones ready to rent out again! Our auctioneers have over 25 years experience in the auction trade so you can be assured of a professional auction and bids aplenty! Storage Bidder will look after the marketing of your storage auction and ensure bidders are present for the big day either in person or online. Whether it’s one storage unit up for auction or a number of storage units for sale, Storage Bidder is your number one choice. Why use Storage Bidder?

Professional service with over 25 years auction experience

We look after the marketing for you

Hassle free sales

Quick and painless emptying of your space so you can get renting again

Low commission fees

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