Buying at storage auctions

Buy at Storage Auctions

Looking to buy at Storage Auctions in the UK? Storage Bidder hold hundreds of storage auctions at self storage facilities throughout the UK each year.

Our busy calendar of auctions, arranged in convenient series, allows you to participate in the largest number of auctions possible. Auction times are approximate based on a typical number of units. Auctions will be held at or after the time specified, and are subject to cancellation. The more auctions you attend.. the greater the opportunities!

*Bidders must register for a bidding number on site prior to the sale commencing.
*Bidders must be 18 years plus with valid photographic ID.
*Registration includes full name, current address, valid phone number & signature.
*Auctioneer reserves the right to refuse to register any bidder or accept any bid.
*Payment must be made in full on day of sale.
*10% Buyers Premium is applied to all purchases.
*All purchases subject to VAT at 20%.
*Goods sold by entirety or in suitable lots.
*Storage unit door will be opened to allow visual inspection from the outside prior to bidding. It is advisable to bring a torch.
*Once the auctioneer declares a unit sold, contents become the responsibility of the buyer. Please bring your own padlocks to secure once purchased.
*Buyers must remove entire contents of all units purchased. Goods may not be disposed of on storage facility property including waste bins and open units.
*If not cleared within 24 hours, or as otherwise specified prior to bidding, units become the property of the storage facility with the buyer held responsible for any cost incurred for disposal. Failure to clear any unit may result in future ability to bid.
*A refundable “clean out” security deposit of £100 cash will be held and refunded as appropriate by the storage facility.
*Units not paid for at the end of the sale will be immediately re-sold.
*Personal items such as photos and paper records should be boxed and promptly delivered to the storage facility office.
*An auction may be cancelled at any time without notice.
*Auctioneer is not linked with seller and as such is not liable for any actions taken by seller.
*It is forbidden to contact storage facilities prior to the auction with regards the number of units to be sold.

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